JC Barre Teacher Spotlight: Jenna Barclay

Jenna joined our studio in the Fall of 2017. She has taken over Tuesday and Thursday's lunch time express classes at 12:30pm. She shares a little bit about herself with us this week!

Jenna grew up in a very small town in the Midwest, and growing up she was always very active in dance and long distance running. She moved to Texas for college and spent six years there, and as she recalls it, earned her undergrad and graduate degrees at the University of North Texas all while eating a lot of Mexican food (especially breakfast tacos). During college and grad school she worked for a summer program at NYU, which allowed her to escape the Texas heat and spend the summer months in New York. After finishing her Master's Degree, she moved to Hoboken,and then to Jersey City a year later, and has been in the area since 2014. After falling in love with group fitness classes during college, she became a spin instructor during grad school (fun fact: she taught college speech and communication classes, so teaching fitness classes was a perfect combination of two things she loved: teaching and working out). She then made fitness instruction and training her full-time career in 2015 when she joined a barre studio in Manhattan as the manager and lead instructor. Today she works independently as a personal trainer, offering private in-home training, and continues to teach barre classes close to home with us!

How long have you been teaching ?

Jenna: I've been teaching fitness since 2013 and teaching barre since 2015. I took my first barre class in the summer of 2014 and immediately knew I wanted to teach it some day.

Do you teach any other type of fitness classes or programs?

Jenna: I have taught cycling, barre, dance cardio, and mega former classes. I currently use a mixture of barre and Pilates-based movements and traditional strength training exercises with most of my clients, with a little dance cardio thrown in for fun and a good sweat!

Do you have another career focus other than fitness? If so please share.

Jenna: I am a full-time fitness professional.

Why do you love teaching the ladies at JC Barre?

Jenna: I love teaching at JC Barre because it's a small studio with a true family vibe. People come to get a killer workout in an environment that is fun, friendly, and not intimidating.

What do you enjoy doing on your down time?

Jenna: I love food, so going out to eat is one of my favorite things to do when I have time off. I love trying new restaurants, especially here in the NYC area where the options are endless. During the summer I love being outside and spend a lot of time at the beach. During the winter I hibernate and watch a lot of bad reality TV - Bravo is definitely my biggest guilty pleasure!

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