JC Barre Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Ewing

JC Barre's only women exclusive class is the Boss Chick Workout. Sarah Ewing joined us earlier this year and introduced us to a sexy, fun, intense new dance workout. Our clients quickly fell in love with the class. Its time to learn more about Sarah!

Sarah was born & raised in California, and relocated for work to Jersey City 2 years ago. By day, she's a Conference and Events Planner at a Non Profit Organization based in NYC and by night & weekends she's a Master Trainer for the Boss Chick Dance Workout.

Sarah is her biggest Boss Chick advocate, she looks forward to every Boss Chick Dance Workout class because it serves as her escape from the stress of the workday. Her goal is to make each and every workout funner than the last, because as she says, life is way too short to be watching the clock during your workouts.

How long have you been teaching Boss Chick?

Sarah: I have been teaching Boss Chick Dance Workout classes for 2 1/2 years. I am very passionate about sharing BCDW with other women because it has played such a critical role for me in getting healthy and comfortable in my own body. Prior to my BCDW days, I was struggling with my fitness goals and body image. After finding Boss Chick Dance Workout I was immediately hooked after my first class! I stuck with it, kept dancing and eventually became an instructor, losing 40 pounds and gaining a better body image along the way. My goal as an instructor is to make it easier for women to prioritize their workouts by keeping it fun. I also aim to make it easier for women to reach their fitness goals by keeping the class intensity level up.

Do you teach any other type of fitness classes or programs?

Sarah: At this time I am only teaching Boss Chick Dance Workout classes.

Do you have another career focus other than fitness? If so, please share.

Sarah: For my career as an Event Planner, I hope that someday I am able to tie together my event planning skills with my love for dance fitness. My goal for my career as a Boss Chick Dance Workout Master Trainer is to start traveling and holding Master Classes in new cities to expose more and more women to the workout.

Why do you love teaching the ladies at JC Barre?

Sarah: My JC Barre Boss Chicks are always ready for whatever choreography I throw at them! Its always a great vibe in class and the entire class is smiling and sweaty by the end! For my evening classes, I add colored dance lights which makes our workout seem more like a night out with your girlfriends.

What do you enjoy doing on your down time?

Sarah: Between my full time job and teaching Boss Chick Dance Workout, I typically use my weekends to sleep in, binge watch television and cook healthy meals at home. But every once in awhile I will seek out a show or music festival, anything that involves music and dancing is my favorite way to decompress.

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