JC Barre Teacher Spotlight: Megan Smith

Megan is JC Barre's manager as well as an instructor of both barre and the dance workout plyojam. Whether you are new to the studio or a regular, you have probably had some interaction with Megan. She's young, fun, energetic but also very tough, which is what you want in an instructor, right?! We all want to see results and you definitely will after training with her! Let's learn a little bit more about Meg!

How long have you been teaching Barre?

Megan: 3 years

Do you teach any other type of fitness classes or programs?

Megan: Yes, in addition to barre I teach circuit training, Pilates mat, and one on one with pre/post natal clients.

Do you have another career focus other than fitness? If so please share.

Megan: I'm mostly doing one on one training in NYC, but for 6 years to present day I work as a Production Fit Model for brands such as American Eagle, Champion and The Gap.

Why do you love teaching the ladies at JC Barre?

Megan: I love teaching them so much because they lift each other up, there's no judgement only support from one another. They have become a family to me, so it's fun for me to challenge them.

What do you enjoy doing on your down time?

Megan: Besides sleeping, I love to visit family, drink wine and try new restaurants!

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