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Now Available - Outdoor Classes at Jones Ines Park. Book online or call for details!

JC Barre- Fitness Studio
Our classes are functional core workouts. They are fun, energizing, full body workouts that not only make you look good but feel good. Muscles feel longer, you feel stronger and re-energized.  
We offer a variety of core based and dance inspired classes.
*During Covid - we are offering virtual and in person and outdoor classes.  Contact us for details via email or book on Mind Body Online.

NEW Student 1 Month Special

$75 Month

We recommend 3-4 classes per week, to begin to see results!

Buy 1 class Get 1 Free

Refer a Friend = Your next class is FREE

B3: Barre

Our Signature Barre classes are an all encompassing, full body workouts that will trim, tighten and tone your entire body. The classes are a fusion of practices and philosophies of Yoga, Pilates, dance and stretching.  Created to help work around injury and pregnancy and to get the client moving again and lift their spirits.  These classes will work out your seat, thighs, arms and abs by using a ballet barre as well as additional props that help engage small and accessory muscles, while toning the major muscle groups. The B3 barre work out, isolates, overloads and stretches each muscle group to create a long, tight and sculpted body. 

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